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BASF Crop Protection means innovative solutions. As a leading producer of agricultural products, our portfolio includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatment technologies that provide the optimal level of crop protection. Our innovative products help growers maximize yields to get the most out of every acre to meet the food and fuel demands of a growing world population.

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Vault® HP plus Integral® - Basics of Inoculation

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Growing Today for Tomorrow

Growing Today for Tomorrow

While global consumption is on the rise, farmers are being tasked with producing more with less land, energy, and water while conserving our planet. BASF understands this challenge and applauds this amazing work farmers perform each and every day. 

From corn to wheat, BASF products offer complete weed solutions

Rob Khouppel

Agronomist Rob Klueppel works on a range of crops on more than 20,000 acres. With a variety of crops grown, including corn, beans and wheat, Klueppel has his work cut out for him when advising growers about herbicides and fungicides.

Products Join Best-in-Class BASF Plant Health Portfolio


Disease control and Plant Health are critical to helping a crop reach its full potential of high yields and high quality. There is now a distinctive choice for farmers to use to cultivate strong, plentiful crops. Xemium® fungicide, one of the latest active ingredients from BASF, helps power Priaxor™ fungicide and Merivon® fungicide, two unique Plant Health fungicides that take crop protection to a whole new level.

BASF Advanced Weed Control

Advanced Weed Control

As the next generation of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses continues to challenge growers everywhere, it’s clear that glyphosate alone is not enough.

For California farmers, effective residual and post-applied herbicides are essential

Mike Pettigrew

Thirty years of experience in agribusiness gives a pest control advisor a strong sense of what makes a good herbicide. Longtime PCA Mike Pettigrew advises vineyard and orchard owners in California how to best protect their crops, and he sees BASF products as the best defense.

Residual herbicides, strip tillage help Illinois farmer protect his land

Eric Scheuer

Feeding the world’s growing population while protecting the land is a topic that’s never far from a farmer’s mind. Some farmers, such as Eric Scheuer, incorporate tilling practices and herbicides that minimally disturb the soil.

Get the upper hand against resistant weeds this fall with Sharpen Herbicide

In more places than ever, and across a larger number of common species, weeds resistant to glyphosate are an ever-increasing problem, monopolizing the time and effort of more and more growers each year.

Planting this Fall? Remember to assess herbicide carryover risk

Residual Herbicide

Before growers plant this fall, crop experts are encouraging them to evaluate their risk for possible herbicide carryover. The drought conditions for the 2012 growing season resulted in less herbicide degradation in soil, particularly with several different herbicide chemistries offered by multiple manufacturers.

Aviation and Agriculture: It's All in the Family at Valley Sprayers

Glen Wharam

For the Wharam family, life in North Dakota is rooted in agriculture. From the family’s aerial application business to son Chris’ role with BASF, family life and agriculture have always gone hand-in-hand.

Take the Yield Advantage for a spin

Multi-year research trials in corn and soybeans have shown that a comprehensive pest-management program utilizing a combination of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides provides effective weed, disease and insect control to help maximize yields and profit.

Priaxor Fungicide - Soybean Growers Enter a New World of Disease Protection

Priaxor™ fungicide, BASF’s latest innovation in disease protection, is a combination of the same active ingredient in Headline® fungicide and a new active ingredient: Xemium® fungicide. Xemium is continuously distributed throughout the leaf to help deliver the ultimate in disease protection. Priaxor gives soybean growers superior disease control, Plant Health benefits and more consistent yield increases.

Watch - Louisiana growers granted early access to Sercadis fungicide

Louisiana rice growers who have discovered resistant sheath blight in their production fields have been granted emergency access to Sercadis™ fungicide to fight this burgeoning threat to yield and crop quality.

Watch the story here.

The BASF Yield Advantage

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The Conservation Conversation

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The Conservation Conversation


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